Video: Money May 'Flood' These Sectors!

Aftermath of the Federal Reserve rate cuts: On Wednesday, stock markets are backsliding on "Fed fatigue" as the afterglow fades, as well as the wider-than-expected quarterly loss report from Morgan Stanley.

But Jim O'Shaughnessy of O'Shaughnessy Asset Management and Jim Herrell of Partnervest Asset Management told CNBC that certain sectors are going to be "flooded" with money in the wake of the Fed decision. Which sectors? Watch the video, above.

CNBC's Companies in the News:

Morgan Stanley
(Morgan Posts Wider-Than-Expected Loss)

(Citi to Merge Corporate, Investment Banking)

(Apple Shares Fall as Jobs Ditches MacWorld)

ConAgra , General Mills
(General Mills, ConAgra Profits BEAT Estimates)



Disclosure information was not available for O'Shaughnessy, Herrell or their respective companies.