Mad Mail: Is Cramer Right About Housing Bottom?

Hey Cramer: If you change your mind when the facts change, as you said the other day, can you explain how your June 30, 2009, housing market recovery date has not changed? Every financial fact fathomable has changed since you set that date, yet you have not changed your mind. Please explain. --Richard

Cramer says: “Well, that’s because it’s right. Why should I change it if it’s going to be right? When a house falls 40% in value and mortgage rates go down, that house gets sold. That’s what’s happening all over the country. If anything, I am beginning to believe that my number’s a little more consensus-like. The CEO of Wells Fargo the other day went with me. It’s getting uncomfortable and crowded in here.”


Hey Cramer: Where can the public get the up-to-date figures that you obtained regarding short-selling volume on any given stock or ETF? The published figures usually refer to short interest and are weeks old. In this electronic age, why isn't short-selling volume available on a daily basis? Thanks! --Peter

Cramer says: “I don’t know. I have a source. One of the things that journalists have are sources. And I am, believe it or not, a journalist.”


Hey Jim: I've started building a nice portfolio, buying Cramer faves like Altria and other cash heavy high-yielders on the down days. I've made a nice little chunk of change, but am now scared to death that when the hedge funds release their statements on Dec. 31, the redemption song will be blaring full blast and bust my little honeypot portfolio! Should I sell, sell, sell on the 30th just to buy, buy, buy on the 2nd? Many big booyahs --Scott

Cramer says: “No…I want you to be able to have some new money to put to work in January, and buy them if the hedge funds go wild again.”


Cramer: The 12 Days of Cramer was great! Yesterday’s show was great…someone’s listening. Someone must have given Uncle Ben the rant heard around the world as a homework assignment, and now he finally gets it. Thanks from the people of the world. --Steve

Cramer says: Check out our new Holiday Card for more season’s greeting from Mad Money.

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