NBA's Best Deals For Fans In Tough Times

I really have to hand it to the NBA. All their teams are doing something to try to get fans into the arenas during this tough time. Here are the best deals we found across the entire league.

Please note, in order to get the lowest price, all these packages are for the worst seats in the house. Still, it gets you in the building. Some of these deals are so good, they're almost free.

Best NBA Deals

Atlanta Hawks Any four games, ticket to aquarium, zoo and a $20 concessions voucher $80
Charlotte Bobcats Six pack of games, including Celtics $65
Denver Nuggets Four games, including Celtics, Suns, Spurs and Hornets. Also includes Nuggets-colored Crocs and playoff priority $88
Memphis Grizzlies Six pack of games that has four giveaways, including an O.J. Mayo bobblehead $60
Milwaukee Bucks Three games against the best -- Cavs, Celtics and Lakers, plus a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar bobblehead $69
New Orleans Hornets Five games and a Chris Paul jersey $125
Orlando Magic Five games, including Celtics, $10 Best Buy gift card, playoff priority $88
Phoenix Suns Four games, $40 Fry's gift card and Suns shirt $149
Washington Wizards Two tickets to three games, including the Cavs, plus a Caron Butler jersey $99

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