Pros Say: Prepare for a Decade of Falling Prices

Despite many central banks lowering interest rates toward zero, and planning quantitative easing while flooding the markets with money, experts interviewed by CNBC see recession taking its toll and predict years of disinflation.

A Decade of Disinflation

Disinflation is probably what we will be looking at over the next decade or so, says Robert Kessler, founder & CEO at The Kessler Companies. He tells CNBC that is why he believes treasuries are in a long-term bull market.

Are We Headed for Inflation?


With 0% interest rates, increased money supply and quantitative easing happening around the world, are we headed for inflation? Paul Donovan, senior international economist at UBS doesn't think so.

Unconventional Policies Will Soon Be the Norm

With conventional monetary policy now approaching its limits, unconventional policy is what will be increasingly adopted by central banks globally, says Mitul Kotecha, head of global FX strategy at Calyon.

Saving US Auto Industry Won't Help the Economy

Right now, whether the U.S. government keeps the auto companies open or not, it makes no difference to the economy, says Daniel Frishberg, chief investment strategist at

SEC is Badly in Need of an Overhaul

The SEC's inspection and examination program is badly in need of an overhaul, says Harvey Pitt, CEO at Kalorama Partners, after it failed to uncover the Madoff scandal even when red flags were raised. He tells CNBC what needs to change.


Where Next for the ECB?

The unprecedented actions taken by the Fed and the Bank of Japan will definitely put pressure on the ECB to make similar moves, says Stuart Bennett, senior European economist at Calyon.

BoJ's Move to Buy JGBs Will Stabilize Yen

The BoJ's move to increase its monthly purchases of JGBs will help to stabilize the yen, says Sharada Selvanathan, currency strategist at BNP Paribas.

BoJ Likely to Return to Quantitative Easing

Glenn Maguire, Asia Pacific chief economist at Societe Generale believes the Bank of Japan is likely to return to quantitative easing, with a focus on corporate sector, rather than the financial sector.


China's Stimulus May Take Effect by Late '09

Positive effects of China's stimulus could probably be seen by late 2009, says Bernard Yeung, dean at the National University of Singapore Business School. He reviews the Chinese government's actions thus far.

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