Pros Say: Forget Recovery Until 2010

The New Year is approaching, but 2009 could be another year of recession in the US. Will investors have to wait until 2010 for growth to pick up?

Experts on CNBC weigh in with their predictions.

It's Worse than You Think

The U.S. will only recover in 2010, believes Subir Gokarn, chief economist, Standard & Poor's, Asia Pacific. He discusses the implications of that for Asia, and highlights of the importance of China and India in the recovery story.

Don't Write off the Dollar

Jonathan Cavenagh, currency strategist at Westpac Bank, believes the greenback will continue to receive a lot of support through the first-quarter.

Credit Crunch is Good for Commodities

The credit crisis has made the commodities bull market even more attractive, says Puru Saxena, CEO of Puru Saxena Wealth Management. He explains why to CNBC's Karen Tso. He also reveals how he is investing to profit from this.

Oil Lacks a Catalyst

There is no reason for oil prices to rally, says Jonathan Kornafel, director of Asia, Hudson Capital Energy. He shares his outlook for crude prices, with CNBC's Martin Soong & Sri Jegarajah.