Stock Picker: Old Cars, New Opportunity

Detroit's nightmare could be a dream come true for auto-repair stocks, according to Anthony Cristello of BB&T Capital Markets.

"It's a combination of keeping cars longer, and the age of the fleet on the road today keeps getting older and older," he told CNBC. "That results in failure rates that are basically much higher for critical parts."

He says that while choosing a new car is an option, maintaining an older one is not.

"For this industry, the automotive after-market, there might be a silver lining right now," he said.


One company that's already been winning is Munro Muffler. It's up in double-digits in percentage terms for the year.

"They actually do mufflers as only 10 percent of their business," Cristello said. "They actually do a lot more brakes, tires, and oil changes, those type of services that, to keep the car running, especially in these older vehicles, people are turning to local garages and chains like Munro."

Also on his list are O'Reilly Automotive, Autozone, and Advance Auto Parts.


Monro Muffler, O'Reilly Automotive, Autozone, and Advance Auto Parts are investment banking clients of Cristello's firm. In addition, an affiliate of the firm has received compensation from those four companies during the last 12 months for products or services other than investment-banking services.