You Tell Me: What'll Happen in '09?

With the auto companies on their holiday breaks, this is always a week when I think about the year ahead for the auto industry. In past years, some of the predictions I've made to myself have come true, while many more were so off the mark it was kind of funny.

So: What will happen in 2009?

A few weeks back I blogged about nine things to watch for in the next year.

Some of the things I suggested (e.g., Chrysler will be sold) prompted a slew of e-mails from those of you who think it should happen, while others (e.g., a Chinese auto maker will buy its way into the U.S. market) sparked outrage by many of you who would never consider driving a Chinese-made car.

So here is your chance to tell me the one thing that you think will happen next year.

Send me an e-mail at, and be specific, about the one thing you are sure will happen in '09. As many of you know, I do read all e-mails, and respond to many of them. In this case, I will collect your predictions and blog about what you think will happen.

Take your time. Give it some thought. And remember: be specific.

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Questions? Comments?