The Duel Behind Our Top Blogs of the Year

Right around the holiday time a lot of news outfits review what were the top stories of the year. We do it too ... not only for our news stories, but our blogs and slideshows as well.

For most TV and print operators, it's a little bit of a subjective exercise. Not so the Internet. We know exactly what our readers gobbled up. And the results are sometimes a little surprising.

We'll review blogs first.

Before I share the results, you should probably know a little something. One of our bloggers, it will become apparent soon, is extremely competitive ... constantly checks the stats to see who's ahead in monthly standings. That blogger gnashes teeth over the fact that another blog gets a natural lift out of news events. As we run down the Top Ten list, I'll explain ...

Number 10:

USA Basketball Team Photo: Artistic Or Logo "Conspiracy"?

This was a Darren Rovell SportBiz post about the conspiracy theories surrounding this picture:


Conspiracy theories are always popular. But the next two most popular blog posts touch on something CNBC readers and viewers find particularly enticing ... greed ...

Number 9 & Number 8: Stock Picks

In 2008 we started our new Stock Blog where we house write-ups and videos of CNBC guests and contributors making stock recommendations. It's been highly successful. The two most popular posts here were:

Stock Picker: Banks In For 'Huge' 2009 Rally(from November)


Buy & Hold These Oversold Names (from October)

Are these picks still relevant? Time will tell. Sometimes it's interesting ... even embarrassing ... to see what was being touted at certain times in the past. The line between wisdom and foolishness is sometimes rather slim.

Indeed, the next two most popular CNBC blog posts involve a heavy hitter who sometimes steps into the middle of that debate ...

Number 7 & Number 6: Warren Buffett

The Oracle of Omaha is often cited as the world's smartest investor. And in times of crisis people tend to look to him as a guiding light ... which explains the popularity of our blog dedicated to all things Buffett.

When the Madoff news broke, this blog post about Buffett's early days took off:

Warren Buffett: People Thought "I Was Doing Some Sort of Ponzi Scheme"

And when the markets went off the track in late September this post resonated with our readers.

Warren Buffett's Three Rules for Investing In a Crisis

That post still gets some traffic to it from time to time. And looking at the market these days,


you can see why.

Indeed, most of our Buffett material gets a lift from activity in the market. That typically makes it the leading blog every month.

But one of our other bloggers, the very competitive one, comes up with some great posts to try and wrest away the crown, even if that means using dirty words ...

Number 5: Billy Ripken's Obscenity Bat

Yes, it is Darren Rovell again, this time capping off years of work to get the story behind this baseball card ...

Billy Ripken Card
Billy Ripken Card

His post ... Billy Ripken Obscenity Bat: He Finally Talks 20 Years Later... is probably one of the best pieces of journalism I've read this year. And it's been a big year for journalism.

Nevertheless, our Big Kahuna blog still strikes back ... sort of ...

Number 4 & Number 3 & Number 2: Buffett, Buffett, and Banging on Buffett

Again, our audience hangs on moves by America's favorite billionaire. And so when the market goes awry it's no wonder that posts like these ...

Warren Buffett's Reassuring Words On the Future


Warren Buffett: Why I'm Buying U.S. Stocks Now

... get great readership. The man behind this blog ... veteran CNBC executive producer Al


ex Crippen ... knows this and knows how to post into it, so to speak. But he is also even handed and mindful that some folks don't always think Buffett is on track. And so he puts up posts like this ...

WSJ to Warren Buffett: "Time to Get a New Crystal Ball"

Oddly enough, this post critical of the billionaire sage was the second highest blog post of the year for us.

But it didn't grab top honors ...

Number 1: Minor League Logos

Yes, Darren Rovell made a major move by using the minor leagues. His contest asking readers for their votes on minor league logos culminated in a vote on these two ...

#3 Southern Illinois Miners vs. #12 Wichita Wingnuts

In a year of market convulsions and Wall Street mayhem, it was our top read blog post of the year (read it here). Go figure.

Darren, congrats.