Stock Picker: There's a Rally Very Soon!

Jack Hough is so convinced that the stock market is ready to rally that he's written a book about it, Your Next Great Stock.

"It's possibly the worst-selling book in America right now, because absolutely no one wants to talk about stock picking," the SmartMoney columnist admitted to CNBC. "I should have written one of these 'doom-and-gloom' books."

So what's behind his enthusiasm?

"Stock investors have been operating under this mirage now for almost two decades," he said. "We've come to believe that the way stock returns look is, you get these big, giant gains, and you tack on little, skimpy dividends, that's your total return. The whole history of stock returns says something vastly different."

He looks at companies that pay huge dividends and are likely to continue paying them for many years to come.


Companies likeCaterpillar: "It will be among the first companies to recover when global building comes back, and if it doesn't, the company makes plenty of money from service and parts, and you get that big, giant dividend," he explained.

He also likes Boeing.

"Boeing will have delivered 364 planes this year," he said. "That's not as many as last year, but it's something like 130 more planes than it delivered in 1995; I say that because it's now at its 1995 price."

Also on his list are General Electric, Intel,Harley Davidson, and Northrop Grumman.

"(They're) all companies that are at rock-bottom prices; they're protected by, if anything, the value of their assets; and they pay dividends that they can afford," he said.


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