Stock Picker: Pick Up the Gold Bars!

Bill Spiropoulos of CoreStates Capital Advisors thinks investors should be buying stocks right now.

Actually, he doesn't just think. He insists.

In a CNBC interview in which fellow stock picker David Katz advised investors "swinging for the fences," Spiropoulos went beyond the metaphor.

"There are no fences," he said. "They're all down; all you have to do is go over and pick up these gold bars."

He believes there's too much fear in the market.

"The bottom line is, 'Wake up! Look!' Hundred-dollar bills don't have disclaimers like they should: 'Brains and testosterone not included,'" he said. "Buy something!"


One stock he especially likes is Johnson & Johnson.

"Over the next 36 months, JNJ, when you include the dividend, will offer investors a 15 percent-plus annuallized return," he said.

"I think there are lots of stocks in the consumer sector that will be able to do that."

Also on his list is Citigroup.


Disclosure information for Bill Spiropoulos was not immediately available.