Stocks to Buy Now for a Longer Horizon

Got a few years on your investment time horizon? John Buckingham, chief portfolio manager for Al Frank Asset Management, has a few stocks to recommend.

"If you can have that time horizon, and if you can have a strong stomach, I do think you should be maintaining your equity exposure, if not increasing it," he told CNBC. "Let's be patient; let's give it time; but there is opportunity, and I think people should be going shopping now."


Buckingham's shopping list begins with ConocoPhillips.

He feels integrated oil companies are better risks than exploration, production, and refining companies because they're not as cyclically sensitive.

What else does he like?

"I'd be looking at things like apparel, VF Corporation an excellent name there, great dividend yield, very inexpensive price tag, and even financials, a strong name like BB&T, just raised their dividend, fantastic balance sheet, very strong capital ratios there," he said.


Disclosure information for John Buckingham was not immediately available.