See What People Are Saying About... Auto Turnaround


General Motors and its GMAC funding affiliate launched programs on Tuesday to lure U.S. car and truck buyers back into showrooms as the largest U.S. automaker tries to revive its sagging fortunes.

GM began offering zero-percent financing on some models, and GMAC resumed lending to a wider range of potential customers, after the government said it will inject billions of dollars to help ensure that both survive.

The changes came a day after the U.S. Treasury Department agreed to take a $5 billion stake in GMAC, and lend GM as much as $1 billion to support the lender. The measures may also bolster GM's sales, following a 41 percent plunge in November that resulted in part from customers' inability to obtain financing.

The action was the latest in a lengthy series of emergency government moves aimed at easing the worst credit crisis since the 1930s and limiting the severity of a year-long recession.

And that leads to our Fast Money Reader Poll. Are you hopeful that these measures will lead to a turnaround in the automakers?

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