Bob Doll on 2009: Bottoming, then Recovering

Bob Doll has made a dozen predictions for the economy in 2009, and, along the way, revealed what sectors he especially likes in the new year.

"We're in a bottoming process," BlackRock's vice chairman and global chief investment officer of equities told CNBC. "Occasionally, you have to re-test bottoms before you finally make one on selling squalls; we would be an accumulator of stocks; we think when the year is said and done, riskier assets will outperform safe ones."

So here's Doll's list for 2009:

1. U.S. economy faces first nominal GDP decline in 50 years,

2. Global growth falls 2 percent.

3. Inflation falls close to zero in many developed countries.

4. U.S. Treasury curve ends year higher, steeper.

5. Earnings fall by double-digit percentages,

6. Bond spreads narrow.

7. U.S. stocks record double-digit percentage gain.

8. U.S. stocks outperform European stocks.

9. Energy, health care, tech sectors outperform.

10. Volatility remains elevated.

11. Oil bottoms and moves higher by year-end.

12. U.S. federal budget deficit soars past $1 trillion.


Disclosure information for Bob Doll was not immediately available.