Financial Fitness Week Begins

With all that's happened with our money in 2008, it's going to take more than potentially fizzing-out resolutions to make 2009 a better year for our bottom lines. It's going to take a solid commitment to our financial fitness.

Today starts the launch of OTM's week-long series on getting "Financially Fit." This is not a diet. The recession has us all on a forced diet. But what many of us are now discovering is that we've lost more money than most, as well as our ability to grow financial strength. Getting financially fit doesn't just mean getting out of debt (bad debt = trans fat!). It means understanding how your money system works and what's 'nutritious' vs. what's detrimental to your financial health.


You need to know what builds your core financial strength (such as equity in your home and health insurance) and the solid financial muscle that helps you resist the blows of job loss and unexpected expenses (an emergency fund). All this week I will work with a new OTM viewer everyday to get him or her from financial weakness to financial strength. And to help you and everyone in the series along, there are now free online workbooks available so you can assess just how financially fit you are today and how far you can soon go with your money.

Everybody and their money is different--that's the 'personal' in personal finance--so whether you watch tonight or every night, you'll find something that reflects how fit you are with your money and what you need to do and know to get in better financial shape. The quality of our lives depends on it!

*Watch On The Money all this week at 10p ET for tips, advice and more to help you stay 'Financially Fit' in 2009*