Welcome to Generation OMG! Now Lose the Flip-Flops

Every generation searches for an identity.

There were the Baby Boomers, the relief births that followed World War II.

Hooray, the war’s over!
Whoopsie, I’m pregnant.
Um … Hooray!

Then there were the slacker generations that followed, Gens. X and Y, who played their music loud, scoffed at how uncouth it was to reuse a tea bag, all the while scarfing down Ho Hos and collecting ninth-place ribbons for outstanding achievement in mediocrity.

Then, we hit the new millennium — omigosh, THE NEW MILLENNIUM! — and we were so excited at having arrived at THE FUTURE that we're completely at a loss for what to call this generation.

Generation OMG
Generation OMG

Nearly 10 years later, as the economy slips deeper into recession, stocks continue to dive , taking the 401(k)s of innocent bystanders with it and jobs are vanishing at the rate of half a million per month, the New York Times has finally figured out what to call it:

Generation OMG!

That’s right. It’s time to snap out of the texting-induced coma, take off the flip-flops and stop posting drunken pictures of yourself on the Internet.

It’s time to shed the lazy American image.

Stop being wasteful.

And learn how to survive.

OMG, R U serious?

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