Boston College Fires Coach For Talking And Your Emails

It's official. Boston College has fired its head football coach Jeff Jagodzinski for talking to the New York Jets about their job opening. That, despite the fact that more than 7 out of 10 of you, said that the school should have waited until Jagodzinski actually got an NFL job.

Here's a couple comments coming in from you:

From Matt Bowman:
"I think that you are missing the point and are taking a superficial reading of the issue. Maybe the AD is just stubborn, hung up on loyalty, maybe not. In the past, head coaches (and assistants) have shopped their services around with a) the hope of getting a new gig at a higher wage and/or b) the hope that they can leverage a new contract or contract extension from their current employer. During the recruiting season, they are pulling every string possible to convince potential students to commit to their existing institution. At the same time, they are able to play the field and offer their services and/or entertain offers from others even though they are under contract. They are getting ridiculous extensions to their contracts that will reward them no matter what through endless years in the future. After they, the coaches, get a student signed to a binding contract, they prevent these same students from shopping their services to other institutions. The students then are required to forfeit a year if they so chose to leave. Restrictions are also placed on where a student can go.

This system drives up the cost of finding and keeping coaching talent and ultimately drives up the cost of education for every student as the institutions bid up the contracts, invest in new athletic facilities and as they appease campus staff and instructors who then demand that their wages go up too. Their is no check and balance to the system and it is essentially the same as the subprime bubble. This is a runaway freight train that is a symptom of why are country is so screwed up economically.

Their needs to be some accountability in the athletic system and in our society. A coach needs to be responsible for his actions and for his rhetoric when he is enticing 17 and 18-year olds as cannon fodder for the University. Someone needs to draw a line in the sand. Thank God for the stubborn BC athletic director."

From Matt Johnson, Boston College, Class of 99:
"Jags and BC AD Gene DiFilippo had a mutual understanding that Jags would remain at BC past the 2008 season. The mutual understanding was agreed to prior to Jags being hired for the 2007 season. If Jags did indeed give the AD his word and now wants to run off and interview for the Jets, it's pretty clear he intends to break his promise as I doubt Jags is going through with this to get interview experience. Though this side of the deal was never in writing, it is a material aspect in discussing this story...The issue is that BC wanted a coach for at least several years when they hired him in 2006 and that is not what they are getting."

From Thomas "T." Furlow:
"The fact the BC athletic director even threatened to fire the coach for taking that interview is very short-sighted. Is he the same AD that Coach Tom O'Brien couldn't wait to get away from? Did Duke fire Coach K for interviewing with the Lakers? No, they let him explore the opportunity and it made Coach K's bond with Duke even stronger."

From Matthew Marzetti:
"BC fan here. I applaud (the athletic director) Gene (DiPilippo) for making this move...Gene is bucking the trend and ignoring the critics. Many good businessmen do the same thing. I think it is certainly realistic to have a coach who wants to be at a school long term. I don’t believe (BC head basketball coach Al) Skinner has interviewed with another program during his 12 years (at least not publicly). Sure, BC isn’t Oklahoma, but look at Jim Grobe at Wake Forest. Small school, small fan base. He has won a conference championship and is not looking to move to bigger programs. Ultimately, Jags wanted out. He wasn’t just looking. He missed the NFL. That’s not good for business. Gene recognizes this. Gene is also the guy that got BC into the ACC. Great business move that has resulted in BC getting much more money."

Questions? Comments?