Health Tech Choices For Stock Buyers

Health care and sanitation loom large in the stock-picking universe of Formula Capital's James Altucher.

"We don't know where the economy's going, where housing's going, where the market's going," Altucher told CNBC. "What we do know is, the three things we're always sure of are taxes, death, and the need for better plumbing services worldwide."

That may not be the way you remember the old saw, but he's got some appropriate stocks.


Topping his list is Chemed .

"They own Roto-Rooter," he explained. "They have 90 percent market share; this is a bigger monopoly than Microsoft ever was, and they also happen to be the largest provider of home health-care and hospice services."

And something else: "Let's not forget, Roto-Rooter was started in 1935, in the middle of the Great Depression," he pointed out.

He also likes Athenahealth.

"Obama has said, over the next five years, he wants all medical records digitized," he explained. "These guys are the IT backbone of the medical industry."

Rounding out his list is Amedisys.

"This company has beaten analysts' estimates the past seven quarters," he said. "They're also in the home health-care and hospice business."


Disclosure information for James Altucher was not immediately available.