Financial Fitness: Re-branding Yourself for the Road Ahead

For Day Four of our Financial Fitness program , Carmen initiated Jeanine, a California-based real estate agent who saw her income tank along with the housing market.

Jeanine was successful in her business – selling as much as $6 million worth of property in a single month back in early 2007 – until the housing bubble burst and took her job along with it. Now she is going on a full year since her last paycheck and is considering withdrawing from her 401(k) just to stay afloat. With four months of “income runway” left (thanks to a well-stocked emergency fund), Jeanine is determined to make a fresh start and do whatever is necessary to pull herself back up, housing market be damned -- even if it means going back to where she started in a Silicon Valley tech job.

>>Carmen breaks down Jeanine's Financial Fitness plan

To help Jeanine get on the road to financial fitness, Carmen brought in certified financial


planner Bill Losey and Jeff Taylor of jobs site, who taught her the importance of focusing her resume and selling herself as a commodity.

To hear their advice, including ways for Jeanine to re-brand herself and move to a ‘skill-based’ resume, watch the accompanying video.