Mad Mail: Is Beer Recession-Resistant?

Cramer: You frequently talk about "recession-resistant" stocks, companies that produce products that are needed just as much, if not more, during a downturn. What about beer stocks? How do you see them holding up during this recessionary cycle? Specifically, what are your thoughts on Molson Coors Brewing? I hear that many of their synergies from recent North American mergers are coming to pass. Thank you! --Suzette

Cramer says: “That’s a great idea. I think that TAP is a terrific stock to own here. It doesn’t have the good yield that I like. It doesn’t have easy valuation. But grain prices are down. Aluminum prices are down. And your recession theory is right. I will endorse it as a buy right here.”


Mr. Cramer: What do you think about Shaw Group? Their high this past year was in the $60s and they are now trading in the mid $20s. With Obama's infrastructure plan, do you see a steep incline in their stock within the next couple of months? --Michael

Cramer says: “…They’ve got a lot orders in the pipeline…the management team [is] excellent. I think you’re in great shape with that stock.”


Booyah Jim!: I am a professor of finance in the Entertainment Business Master of Science program at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla. I watched your show last night and heard you mention the Mad Money Widget. What an excellent idea! I decided to embed your widget into my online finance course to add a bit of richness and flair. I often have discussions with the campus students about concepts from your show, and now my online graduate students can benefit. Thanks for allowing me to share my feedback. --Homer

Cramer says: “That’s terrific, and I really appreciate it…I love it when I hear college kids and high school kids are using my texts.”

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