NLL's Resigning Commish Says League Is "OK"

Source: NLL

There's one thing I don't stand for. And that's being used. That's what I felt like when I found out that on Saturday when I heard that Jim Jennings, the long-time commissioner of the National Lacrosse League, had resigned.

Interested in how the NLL was faring in this tough economic environment, I called up the league on Friday and spoke to deputy commissioner and chief operating officer George Daniel, who said that the league was not only in a good position they were "in a lot better position that some of these other leagues."

Then I get an e-mail that Jennings resigned the next day. Other than a team folding, that's probably the worst writing on the wall you can have (see Arena League and Major Indoor Soccer League). So today, I needed answers. The league provided me with Jennings' phone number. We talked and Jennings reiterated that the league is healthy.

"The league is solid as a rock," Jennings said. "My deal was up, I was offered a three-year extension and I just felt, as a single father with my youngest being 12 and 13, it was time to go."

When asked why this wasn't done before the season, Jennings said it partly had to do with the work that had to be done to get the league off to another start, though he insists the deal for him to step down has been in the works since September.

"I knew the timing of this was going to be questioned," Jennings said. "But there's nothing there."

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