Lightning Round: Bristol-Myers, Kroger, DryShips and More

Ashland : Cramer’s bullish on this chemicals stock, calling ASH a buy even though it may not turnaround for 18 months. It’s cheap enough to make the wait worthwhile, he said.

Del Monte Foods : Cramer said he wanted to come back to DLM after doing more research.

Bristol-Myers Squibb : “One of the best stocks I know,” Cramer said. BMY is a buy.

Corn Products International : CPO’s had a big run, the yield isn’t great, and there’s nothing proprietary about the company’s products. Don’t buy.

Kroger : “That’s the only supermarket chain I’m going to recommend on this show,” Cramer said. “Kroger, I think, is an absolute buy.”

DryShips : With the Baltic Freight Index rebounding from its bottom, Cramer said, DRYS is a buy.

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Jim's charitable trust owns Bristol-Myers Squibb.

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