Pros Say: Rate Cuts Have No Impact

A day ahead of the European Central Bank's rate decision, more dismal data showed the euro zone needs monetary easing. But experts tell CNBC that central banks' interest-rate cuts have little impact on the economy in the current financial turmoil.

Rate Cuts: Just a "Sentiment Booster"?

Interest rate cuts now are more of a sentiment boost than actually having an impact on the economy at large, says Harry Ida, senior analyst at Thomson IFR. He previews the ECB's upcoming rate decision.

Expect ECB to Hold Rates

Expect the ECB to leave rates on hold at 2.5% when it delivers its rate decision Thursday, says David Forrester, associate director at Barclays Capital.

ECB Unlikely to Make an Aggressive Move

The ECB is unlikely to deliver an aggressive rate cut, believes Adam Carr, senior economist at i-Cap, ahead of the central bank's rate decision due Thursday. He tells CNBC why he expects a 50 bps rate cut.

Euro-Dollar May See a Short-Term Rebound

It won't be a good idea to build any short position in the euro at the current levels, says Mike Moran, FX strategist at Standard Chartered Bank. He tells CNBC why he thinks the euro-dollar may rebound in the next few days.

One Less Tool for Eurozone Economies

Troubled euro zone countries, such as Spain, are unable to devalue the euro as a means to rescue their sagging economies, Bruno Verstraete, CEO of Nautilus Invest said.

The East Faces Disinflation Risk

The West faces a deflation risk, while the East is facing disinflation, according to Tai Hui, regional head of economic research, S.E. Asia at Standard Chartered Bank. He explains more.

Asia May See a Rebound in H2

Although Tai Hui, regional head of economic research, S.E. Asia at Standard Chartered Bank expects Asian economies to find some degree of stabilization in the second-half, he warns that the strength of rebound will be fairly weak.

Weak on S. Korea, Taiwan & Hong Kong

Frederic Neumann, senior Asian economist at HSBC remains concerned about the economic outlook for South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. He also gives his assessment on the other Asian economies.

Can Australia Escape a Recession?

Rob Henderson, chief economist of NAB Capital & Shane Oliver, head of investment strategy at AMP Capital Investors both believe the Australian economy will narrowly miss a technical recession.

China's Growth Likely to Trough in Q1

China will probably register its worst economic growth in the first-quarter of this year, forecasts Huang Yiping, chief Asia economist at Citigroup. He gives his take on the future of the Chinese economy.