Another Inaccurate Sports Commercial?

Our post about the "inaccuracy" of AT&T's BlackBerry bold spot generated a lot of comments but the best one might have come in yesterday from reader Evan Parker.

Parker pointed us to this Sprint commercial that I've seen many times and didn't notice the mistake.

Parker writes, "The ad plays during football games all of the time and was recently updated because the announcer that can be heard in the background says the field goal being kicked is 30 yards, not 40. Subtle mistake but I'm sure most people watching the football games where it was broadcast caught on. Are these companies forgetting to run their spots by sports fans? I realize these are minor errors and are only caught by big fans and people who pay close attention to ads, but isn't that who they are targeting? I can't figure out why AT&T and Sprint wouldn't have someone double check the accuracy of their claims. Seems like such an easy task."

Questions? Comments?