Time to Start a Fugitive Watch?

I'm wondering if our site needs to create a fugitive section.

After all, we have this D.B. Cooper wannabe who botched an attempt at disappearing. The UBS guy who apparently went on the lam after being accused of helping rich people hide their money from the tax man. And the cameras stay trained on Bernie Madoff's apartment building in hopes he do something even more titillating than he has already done.

All of this, of course, in the wake of the Sam Israel stuff, which kind of kicked off this silly season. (And we have a development in that today).

These kinds of stories are likely to continue as the financial world continues to unravel and regroup. Like a tide running out to sea, the outflow of money is likely to expose all sorts of yucky stuff that heretofore was hidden under the water. And bad guys (or scapegoats) will be sought.

These kinds of stories get very good readership. Hey, they have a business angle and drama. So maybe a dedicated section along with our other specialized sections ... Technology, Energy, Green ... Crime?