Is It Time To Bring A Little Feng Shui Into The White House?

Photo By: Matthias Kötter

A Feng Shui expert sent me the following tips for FS-ing the White House.

Debra Duneier, who also happens to be a real estate broker with Corcoran in Manhattan, says the President-elect is an East Life person, given his birth in 1961, a year ending in 1.

As an "East Life" person the directions that would be most harmonious and supporting for him are the south, southeast, east and north.

The more we face the directions that align with our own personal energy vibrations the more smoothly life will flow involving our health, career, personal relationships, finances and the ability to make sound decisions.

Entertaining in the East Room is the most supporting for an East Life person. The most challenging of guests should be easily entertained by our next President in this room. The Red Room for smaller gatherings will give President Obama the Fire he needs to be on top of his game when he needs it the most."

As for the rest of the house, President-elect and Mrs. Obama, take note, here are your FS directions:

- Change the doorknobs on the doors in the rooms most frequented by the departing administration. If the doorknobs cannot be changed wash them with warm water and sea salt solution. The minerals in the sea salt will cleanse the energy and make room for the new energy to flow.

- Fresh paint and clearing out of all personal clutter left by the Bush Family.

- Smudge the property before moving in. Smudge sticks were used by the American Indians to clear out evil spirits. It is a wonderful tool to clear out remaining energy to make room for the new. Light dried sage and lavender herbs and let the smoldering smoke travel in all corners of the room especially where energy enters the home by the doorways, windows, fireplaces and electrical outlets.

- Play your favorite music as you move into your new home. The vibrations of this music will be uplifting and bring good energy into your new home.

- As the new resident of the White House, support for your Wood element can easily be enhanced with water. Fish tanks, photographs or artwork portraying water or fountains will be a great addition for you in the rooms facing Southwest, West, Northwest and Northeast. Or you can create harmony in these directions with plants, fresh flowers or the color red, peach or rose.

- In any room that feels like the energy is stagnant or a room that makes you feel uneasy be sure to smudge. Move your chair so you are facing East, and have a wall behind your chair. This is called a Black Turtle and will give you the support and confidence you need when making important decisions. Your future and the future of this country and the world should be depicted in the artwork that you face. This is called the Red Bird and will bring you the future you desire.

Dare I ask how many doorknobs there are in the White House and what the budget might be on changing them out?

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