Your Ultimate Guide to "Obamabilia"

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

I think it's safe to say that Barack Obama is breaking records for the most merchandise sold of a single person in the history of the world over the last two and half months.

QVC has sold over 100,000 items and will have an Inauguration Show next week.

The folks at the Merrick Mint, who make colorized quarters and have stamped Obama's face and name in gold foil on $2 and $5 bills, say they've done $15 million in Obama business.

Newspapers are selling "commemorative" back issues from Nov. 4 for more than five times the cover price.

A former boxer from Brooklyn named Mitchell Rose made Obama sneakers.

There's even a "Hot 4 Barack" Hot Sauce.

And the best part for everyone selling Obama stuff? Unlike sports stars, they don't have to give him a cut.

How big is Obama? Right now on eBay we're watching the race closely. Obama items? 20,962. Elvis? 21,140.

  • Take a look at this slideshow so you can see some of the great stuff you can buy.

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