Sites of the Day: Tax Help, Free Coffee and More

Make sure too much or too little isn't withheld from your take-home pay with the withholding calculator at IRS.GOV. The government agency website takes you through the necessary steps to reduce the chances of a surprise April 15.

Earn free money from your blog or website with help from SCRATCHBACK.COM. The website helps you set up a feature that lets readers contribute tips to keep your blog in operation.

Trying to figure out what to do with that unwanted gift card from the holidays? CARDAVENUE.COM is a shopper's delight that lets you buy, sell or trade gift cards and certificates.

If you're having tech issues with your Mac, head to MACFIXIT.COM. Run by C-Net, the website troubleshoots even the most unusual problems.

If you have trouble paying bills or accomplishing assignments on time, check out HASSLEME.CO.UK. The website lets you program reminders which it then emails you at random times to wake you from your mental nap.

Manage your various email and social networking accounts with FUSER.COM. The site gives you one place to check all your inboxes, from Facebook and MySpace to Gmail and Hotmail.

Need a cheap, sometimes free source for textbooks to stretch Your dollar? TEXTBOOKMEDIA.COM imbeds advertisements in downloadable books to give you a penny-pinching alternative to the more traditional, more expensive versions of popular texts.

Starbucks will give you a free cup of coffee if you sign a card, pledging to commit 5 hours of your time to a local volunteer organization. To find out more, head to the press room at STARBUCKS.COM.