Three Stooges And Joe Biden

Last day to vote for Best New Name for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

I'm on the road in Arizona today with a great comeback story you'll hear more about next week, but last time I checked the vote, "CITI-Morg" was in the lead.

Voting ends tonight.

Tom P. wishes he'd gotten this new name submitted in time (alas, no): "3 Stooges and a Dinosaur"

Craig has a new suggested motto: "We lose money the old fashioned way."

And "S" weighs in on the contest: "IT'S NOT FUNNY."

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Vice President Joe Biden
Vice President Joe Biden

As Madison Avenue falls all over itself to figure out how to exploit the excitement, history, and cool factor of President Elect Barack Obama, Trident Gum is aiming...lower. The company, owned by Cadbury Adams , is launching a promotion at to give away free gum.

It includes photos of the incoming Vice President and his "little baby angels", which it calls "the world's most famous teeth". Wow! Move over, Julia Roberts!

Trident promises a free pack of gum to anyone who uploads a smile to the site, believing this gives Americans "chomping for more reason to smile on January 20th."

I'll tell you what I'm chomping for--low gas prices, stable home prices, and higher stock prices. That's something I can sink my teeth into. But I digress...

While much of the nation is mindful that President Elect Obama taking office a day after the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, some of us cling to other "dreams". One post on the Biden's teeth site writes, “I have a dream....that one day I will wake up and look in the mirror and see a Joe Biden smile in the reflection...or that I won't be able to see the reflection because my smile shines so bright.”

God bless America!

Trident says it'll take six to eight weeks to receive your free pack of gum in the mail (wouldn't postage cost more than the gum?). Unfortunately, by the time you get the gum, Biden may have completely disappeared from view as most VP's do.

In fact, when's the last time anyone saw him?

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