Investing In Uncle Sam’s Shadow

As we’ve been telling you, the landscape in the financials is changing on almost a daily basis.

On Friday the government approved another $20 billion in aid for Bank of America(Click here for full story)

And on the very same day Citigroup unveiled plans to split in two and shed troubled assets. (Click here for full story)

How should you trade this mess?

According to JPMorgan chief market strategist David Kelly keep your eye on the budget deficit.

“The TARP and the stimulus package should increase, by about 25%, the outstanding Treasuries in the US,” he says. “That has got to be negative for Treasuries but it’s a huge fiscal stimulus for the economy.”

In other words, don’t discount the idea that issuing all those bonds and spending the money on stimulus and the TARP could cause a rebound in the economy.

The trade is “be careful of Treasuries but be long assets that have been beaten down because if we do get a rebound they could snap back,” he says.

And the other thing to look at is municipal bonds. “We’re going to have to deal with deficits and we’ll do it with higher taxes on higher income individuals. That increases the value of a tax exemption on munis,” concludes Kelly.

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