Can Dennis Green Cash in Now?

Former Arizona Cardinals head coach Dennis Green was so sure that people would want to use his, "They Are Who We We Thought They Were" statement that he trademarked it.

Dennis Green

So now that the Cardinals have made it to Super Bowl XLIII, can Green cash in?

Well, the question we're asking here at SportsBiz is, who are "they?"

If it's the Philadelphia Eagles, we could see that. It's a nice shirt to wear for two weeks -- the logo of the vanquished Eagles with the NFC Champions mark.

But since that would be shortlived glory if the Cards lose to the Steelers, I'm thinking Green only cashes in if the Cardinals win it all.

Then again, maybe the riches will still pass him by.

A fan reportedly had this sign in the stands in Arizona on Sunday: "We are who nobody thought we were."