Winning Bet On Obama's Speech

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

As previously mentioned, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power had odds on what phrase President Obama would say first in his speech.

Turns out it wasn't "Change has come", which was favored at 8-1.

Instead, the first sentence out of his mouth included the phrase "As I stand here today", which was tied for third at 12-1 odds.

The speech went eighteen minutes and 26 seconds, not as long as the favored 22-25 minutes.

Didn't see Oprah during the speech, which was also favored at 7-4 odds.

In fact, I didn't see any celebrity once the President began speaking, only average Americans, which was probably the point.

Also, I was wrong. President Obama quoted Washington, not Lincoln.


So you didn't land an invitation to any of the Inaugural balls tonight in DC? Feeling left out? Never fear!

On Second Life, they're doing what they always do--creating their own events in a virtual world. Second Life resident Steve Nelson is organizing a white-tie party tonight in honor of the new President. One of the images is here. Yowzah! Check out the gown!

Inaugural Ball
Source: Second Life
Inaugural Ball

This presidential election may prove America has moved past race, BUT NOT PAST RACY!

Nelson tells me they're holding both a formal and informal ball at "the Capitol Hill in Second Life" tonight at 6p Pacific. "It is hard to estimate how many will attend," Nelson wrote me. "Though the event is open to all in Second Life, there is a built-in limitation of how many can attend simultaneously. I expect several hundred over the course of the evening."

I asked him if there might be an avatar representing President Obama (avatars are the online characters which represent alleged real people).

Nelson says he's not expecting one. "This one is for the people--or their avatars--to celebrate."

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