Obama's 'Hard Choices': Insiders Weigh In

In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama indicated tough times will call for sacrifice, and he warned that "hard choices" lie ahead. CNBC asked the experts what those hard choices will be and who will suffer.

Obama & the Economy

“I don’t think in the very immediate future there are really any hard choices. We’re going to have an enormous stimulus package. Everyone is going to get something in the near term. The tax increases he talked about during the campaign are probably going to be at least put off until 2010 or 2011, so the sacrifice I think comes later.”

Michael Darda, MKM Partners

Obama & the Markets

“Financials is still not yet a place to go. They’re making new, mutli-year lows, we’re talking about changing the rules with the TARP, including things like whether they can fly a plane, their dividends, their pay cuts, so financials have a long way to go, especially if we’re going to try to beat them over the head and force them to lend in the middle of a recession.”

James Bianco, of Bianco Research

Obama & the Auto Industry

“I’m not sure if [Obama] is going to give the unions as much power as we’ve heard…I do think things are going to be improved for unions and for labor under the Democratic administration, but I’m not sure they’re going to be as rosy as what I’m hearing from people around the country, not just in Detroit.”

Phil LeBeau, CNBC Automotive Reporter

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