The Video Professor Responds To "As Seen On TV" Bracket

So we're pushing hard on the "As Seen On TV" bracket front and that's why we're proud to announce we got our first response from an "As Seen On TV" magnate.

John W. Scherer, the Video Professor himself, contacted us through a spokesman.

"We went into the tourney as underdogs, and like the Cardinals in football a lot of folks wrote us off early," Scherer said in a release issued to "But our proven offensive advertising strategy backed up by a strong (product) line is keep us in the game."

The No. 4 seed Video Professor beat out No. 13 Charlton Heston Presents The Bible in the first round and is currently beating the No. 5 seed Bedazzler in Round 2.

Scherer tells that after playing in the league for 21 years, it's all about showing up.

"We focus on fundamentals every day," says Scherer. "We know what works but we're also agile on both sides of the commercial to adjust to changing game conditions."

In full disclosure, Scherer's ads run on CNBC, though that had nothing to do with his seeding.

Vote Now: All polls for Round 2 will close at 9:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday, January 21st

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