Sites of the Day: BlackBerry Answers, Product Reviews and More

Frustrated with Google? MAKEUSEOF.COM has a list of 13 other search engines that cater to specific demands -- from music to recipes to shopping.

A new Windows virus is on the loose and already has infected 9 million personal computers. Going by several names, including Downandup and Conficker, the virus works quickly to infect a computer and, possibly, a whole office. To learn more, head to YAHOO.COM's Tech blogs section

Searching multiple social networking sites for people you know? Make it easier with the website SNITCH.NAME. The site lets you hunt for friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other sites at one time, from one convenient search engine.

Save time researching your next purchase withALATEST.COM. The website reconciles reviews and tests from multiple sources into one, easy-to-use format that helps you find the right product that much quicker.

Need the email address for anyone at most any major company, from the chief executive down to the mail clerk? EXECUTIVEBOMB.COMhas email listings for more than 800 firms worldwide.

Starbucks will give you a free cup of coffee between now and Jan. 25 if you sign a card, pledging to commit 5 hours of your time to a local volunteer organization. To find out more, head to the press room at STARBUCKS.COM.

Having an issue with your BlackBerry? Check out the forums at CRACKBERRY.COM to find answers to even the most random questions about your handheld device.

Keep up with the activities of the 44th President of the United States with the first ever White House blog. WHITEHOUSE.GOV's new weblog lets you sign up for email updates and learn about future legislation that affects your wallet.

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