Health Care Stocks To Heal Your Portfolio

At the end of a short but turbulent week that included the official start of the Barack Obama administration, Alan Valdes of Hilliard Lyons offered some stock suggestions inspired by the new president and his policies.

"We like his health-care plan," Valdes told CNBC.

He's especially impressed by the president's ideas about streamlining the medical records process, leading him to add the stock of one small firm to those of two much larger companies.


"We like Johnson & Johnson and Abbott Laboratories, both trading at about $55.00," he said. "Johnson & Johnson, we're looking for about a $90.00 target range; Abbott, we're looking for about a $70.00 target range."

Then, there's the smaller company, Computer Programs and Systems.

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"That really fits in with Obama, because they work with small hospitals — a hundred beds and less — they're into electronic medical records, and Obama has stated twice that he wants to get involved in that," Valdes said.


Disclosure information for Alan Valdes was not immediately available.