CNBC Announces Innovative Bespoke Agreement with Philips

CNBC, First in business Worldwide, today announced an international cross-platform commercial agreement with Philips. Philips will associate itself with CNBC’s new weekly series, Healthy Horizons, which focuses on health and wellbeing related issues. The partnership on the series began in EMEA as a themed week at the beginning of December, and the programme launches in EMEA and the US today.

Healthy Horizons, a 40 part series, aims to help people improve their lives through simple and innovative solutions. The series features interviews with specialists who will examine a range of areas including preventative healthcare measures, the role of technology in healthcare, home health care, the effects of sleep deprivation and healthy work environments.

The first segment airs in Europe and the US today, with Philips branded 30 second spots running adjacent to the programme. Thirty second Philips branded vignettes will also run throughout the duration of the partnership, which ends in November 2009. The series will also be supported by Healthy Horizons special report pages on

CNBC developed and produced the creative elements for the series, including a 30 second spot for Philips, which uses the “sense and simplicity” framework to deliver both brand and product messages in a format that resonates with CNBC’s business audience. An additional 11 ad executions will be made by the CNBC Creative Solutions team for Philips over the course of the partnership.

Kathy Park, Head of Global Marketing Management at Philips said, “This partnership with CNBC allows Philips to connect with influential business audiences internationally. We are very pleased to be partnering with CNBC on this series, bringing our vision of simplicity in health and well-being to opinion leaders worldwide.”

Paul Maraviglia, VP European Sales Director, EMEA, CNBC, said: “We are delighted that Philips has chosen CNBC as a platform for this branded content initiative. Business leaders and executives are looking for innovative ways to look after their employees, so we’re pleased to introduce a programme that addresses health and well-being for the first time on CNBC. We look forward to working with Philips and Carat on what we believe will be an extremely successful long-term partnership.”

The campaign was planned by Carat, London. Emma Asquith, International Business Director at Carat added, “This partnership uses all of CNBC’s strengths and credibility with the business influencer, resulting in a series that creates time with our audience and positions Philips as a leader in health and wellbeing.”

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