's "As Seen On TV" Bracket — Elite Eight Voting

UPDATE 1/26: Final 4 round results are in. Voting for the Championship is underway.


We've received more than 200,000 votes on this "As Seen On TV" bracket, but all we need is a BCS situation.

In order to be sure that we name the best "As Seen On TV" product of all time, we need your support throughout the next couple days of voting.

We're down to the final eight now, so vote below to send your favorite products/infomercials to the Final Four.

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Now it's time to see if the Shamwow is just a current favorite or it can take down one of the greatest products ever invented.

How about the Ginsu Knives, can it slice and dice George Foreman's Grill?

Did we totally underestimate the amount of time the Bowflex has been on the air?

And we're really looking forward to the Girls Gone Wild vs. Chia Pet matchup. We've just heard about the Chia Obama. I don't know if that will sway your vote.

Remember, all voting closes at 9:30 a.m. ET on Friday, January 23rd.

“Household / Automotive” Regional Final:

“Kitchen / Food” Regional Final

“Health / Fitness” Regional Final:

“Everything Else” Regional Final

Round by Round Recap:
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