Google Drops Its Print Ad Program

Google decided to stop selling ads in newspapers after two years.

There simply weren't enough advertisers interested in buying space in newspapers to justify continuing the Google Print Ad program. Google didn't generate enough revenue for itself and it didn't generate enough ads for the 800 newspapers with which it worked.

There simply wasn't enough interest in print ads, especially from the smaller ad buyers who like to use Google's Sd Sense System.

The automated ad auction system seemed like it would make selling newspaper ads more efficient, but many of the newspapers used the system only for small bits of space they couldn't get rid of, resulting in many ads getting auctioned off for less than they were worth.

Google ending this program says much less about Google than it does about the sad state of newspaper advertising. And it's the smallest newspapers that are already suffering the most from the decline in advertising that will suffer the most from this program ending.

Now they won't even be able to sell some of their ads at a discount.

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