India, China Are Good Long-Term Opportunities

Asian markets rallied at the start of 2009, but that proved unsustainable. The MSCI Asia Pacific index has lost 7.6 percent since -- and we're only three weeks into 2009 -- as investors continue to worry about the increasingly dire straits of Asian economies.

Trading sentiment is likely to stay volatile for quite some time as Asian nations release data suggesting that economic growth has slumped considerably and export markets have all but collapsed.

Ramachandran Krishnan, Director and Head, Investment and Product Office at Barclays Wealth told CNBC that these are trying times for investors. However, there are bright spots for the savvy investor.

"There are opportunities in emerging markets like India and China, where the growth is still substantially intact, and going forward, the long term growth prospects are still very bright," he said.

"If one were to take a slightly longer-term view, then there are opportunities to build a high-quality, long-term portfolio of Chinese and Indian stocks," he added.

India may not be the first destination of choice for investors due to recent concerns about corporate governance and the reliability of accounting statements. But Ramachandran said there are mitigating factors that make India an attractive investment destination.

"The biggest countering factor is the fact that the Indian economy is largely driven by domestic demand, so that is going to be the biggest factor that will underpin growth in India and therefore the stock market," he explained.

"I think the important thing for the (Indian) government to do is to restore the business confidence and ensure that economic activity comes back to the high growth phase that it was until about 6 months back," he concluded.

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