Cramer's Outrage: Geithner and Thain

You can bet that if Cramer hadn’t paid taxes for a number of years, or spent $1.2 million decorating his office here at CNBC at the company’s expense, he’d be sharing a cell with Dennis Kozlowski. But not Timothy Geithner or John Thain, who actually are responsible for the aforementioned scandals. Instead of paying the price like Kozlowski, the former TYCO CEO, these guys are getting off scot-free.

No wonder Cramer’s outraged. He spent a whole segment of Friday’s Mad Money releasing some serious pent-up anger toward Geithner, President Obama's pick for Treasury secretary, and Thain, the former Merrill Lynch CEO who brokered the Bank of America deal. And since nobody does a rant like Cramer, we're just going to point you toward the video so you can see for yourself. It’d be hard for us to translate that kind of spite and vitriol into words.

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