Madoff Movie Takes On "Slumdog Millionaire"

Here's the latest movie parody invoking Bernie Madoff.

The folks at have taken Oscar favorite "Slumdog Millionaire" and turned it into "Scumbag Billionaire".

The title alone...


In the latest attempt to exploit the Madoff scandal, is sending out press releases offering to help Bernard Madoff unload his leased cars. The New York Times reports the trustee liquidating Madoff's firm's assets wants the leases on six luxury cars cancelled.

Madoff reportedly leases a 2007 Land Rover, a 2008 Cadillac DTS, a 2009 Mercedes S550 (nice!), a 2007 Mercedes S550, a 2008 Mercedes GL450, and 2006 Lexus SUV.

That's a lot of cars for a guy who doesn't live in California.

Sergio Stiberman, CEO of, says, "The most financially responsible way to terminate a car lease is through transfer, which allows cash-strapped individuals to avoid terminating the lease and paying off the remaining balance - a price tag that can easily surpass $10,000." So his company helps people search for buyers of their a cost of about $230 a car.


Regarding my coverage of California's financial earthquake,

Ray T. writes: "He should call all State employees to Sacramento. Line them up on the K Street Mall and furlough every fourth one. What is government, Federal,State and Local not cutting jobs? In December the economy lost 600k jobs, while govt employment went up by 7000."

Jason J. has this solution to California's revenue shortfall:

  1. "Fully legalize the hippie lettuce. Tax it to high heaven (pun intended).
  2. Sell advertisements on all major freeway signs and all those Toll Road Signs. 'Directions brought to you by Starbucks, off exit 28.'
  3. Stop putting up all the signs that tell me how fast I am going - that is a total waste of money. My car comes with this cool device called a speedometer...
  4. Start enforcing the no talking on cell phones law and no texting law - get on in CHPs!
  5. Pay teachers what our legislators get paid and pay legislators what our teachers get paid until the deficit if gone - problem solved…"

On the new weight-lifting regime which includes lifting actual humans,

FH writes:"At least these people have jobs! I, for one, would rather be hefting a matched set of super-models, but in the coming age of diminished expectations, one takes whatever one may get."

Jeff J. weighs in on the weight-lifting-of-dwarves, and a whole lot more: "I noticed the London press is still using 'dwarves' instead of now-preferred 'little people'. That aside, they're equally involved in crime too, as in this story from last summer -(see this story on thieving Dwarves zipped in suitcases). It reminds me of the greatest Christmas movie ever, 'Bad Santa'...Also, on last Friday's best teeth poll, did you get many decent suggestions? (I had sent in Richard Kiel's 'Jaws' from Bond films.)"


I blogged about Trident's love of Joe Biden's teeth and asked readers to name someone with better pearly whites.

From Zeedle: "George Gabby Hayes."

Frank N.: "Bugs Bunny!!"

Chris R.: "Great Britain!"

Bill B. sends love:"Hi, Jane. I would vote yours as the 'best teeth'."

From Beth W.: "Fake Jane in her Allergan 'makeover' shot..."

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