They've Got an Uphill Battle

The theme for the World Economic Forum this year is "Restoring Trust, Rebuilding Confidence."

It ain't gonna be an easy sell.

As thousands of business and government leaders descend on Davos, the world is casting a very skeptical eye.

More skeptical than after Enron. Or the dot-com bubble. Or Sept. 11.

For a decade, Edelman's been asking thousands of people around the world how they feel about their governments, the media, and corporations and releasing the details at Davos. The headline this year is that corporations fared the worst. (Even worse, believe it or not, than the media!)

A whopping 62 percent of people surveyed say they trust big corporations less than they did a year ago. In fact, only 38 percent say they trust businesses to do what is right ... That's a plunge by 20 percentage points from a year ago.

Governments actually seem to fare the best -- by a 3:1 margin, people say the government should intervene to regulate industry or nationalize companies.

Just one thought here ... People, did you happen to miss the Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on the morning talk show circuit??

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