Davos or Bust

Everyone at Davos may be focused on the collapse of the global economy. But the conference itself is helping create a mini-boom, at least for the moment.

First class and business class seats -- 54 of them in all on this Swiss Air flight -- are sold out. A flight attendant confirms that it's much busier than usual, because of the pilgrimage to Davos.

Good luck getting a hotel room in Davos this week, even if you try booking months in advance. Cars and taxis are nearly impossible to come by, which means most attendees bring their boots -- walking on the snow covered streets is the only sure way to get there.

And if you don't have a reservation in a restaurant, be prepared to wait.

One interesting point: the movers and shakers don't travel on the cheap. On my flight, the only available seats are in coach. As if!