Pros Say: Potential Rebound in China this Quarter

Global governments, like Japan, Sweden and possibly Russia, are stepping up aid to support ailing financial companies in order to re-instill economic growth. But as government intervention and stimulus packages become the key theme for the 2009, experts tell CNBC China may be the first country to recover.

China's Economy May Recover by Q1

We could potentially see a very strong recovery, on a sequential basis, in China's economy in the first-quarter, believes Diane Lin, fund manager at Pengana.

Gunning for Gold

If you really want to own an asset quality of choice, it has to be gold, says John Licata, chief investment strategist at Blue Phoenix. He explains his bullish outlook on the precious metal.

Pivotal Moment for Gold, S&P

If gold sits above $900 an ounce for a while, that may signal the beginning of the next move higher for the precious metal, possibly to $1,300-$1,400, according to Bill Strazullo from Bell Curve Trading.

"If we don't see the (S&P 500 index) market get back above that 900 area soon, over the next several weeks or months, we think it could be setting up for another major move to the downside," he told CNBC.

The S&P could move as low as 625 or even 500 before its decline is over, Strazullo added.

Cautious on Investing in Japan

The expectation for global stimulus packages and the Japanese government's offering of over $16 billion to help squeezed companies should lift Japan's stock markets for a while, Makiko Zuercher-Hosaka from Clariden Leu said. But she remains cautious on the country.

Due to the yen's recent strength, Zuercher-Hosaka is avoiding major exporting company, preferring domestic sectors such as telecommunication.

In the telco sector, she likes mobile carriers NTT DoCoMo and KDDI.

Zuercher-Hosaka also thinks there is long-term opportunity in global environment stocks.