A Darwinian Approach to Dining

On Monday's show we talked about how the process of creative destruction is being allowed to move forward in the casual-dining sector. There are no bailouts for these companies, and that means the losers really lose, but the flip side is that there can actually be winners. Because when a company like Bennigan's drops off the face of the planet, that helps Darden Restaurants, Brinker International, and McDonald's, the three fittest restaurants Jim recommended.

When you're in a Billy Paul, "Only the Strong Survive," sector with no bailouts, capitalism is allowed to play out the way it's supposed to, as a vicious, Darwinian struggle where the weakest companies either shrink or fold, and the strongest ones use the downturn to take share.

The flip side of this is that when you're dealing with a bailed out, zombified sector like the banks, it's hard for there to be winners because we keep propping up the losers. That doesn't mean we're opposed to savings the financial system, couldn't be further from the truth. But by propping up the weaker players, the government has made it harder for true financial winners to emerge.

Speaking of financial winners and losers, a little housekeeping is in order. Obviously we were wrong to list Bank of America as one of our four fortress banks that can make it through the crisis while swallowing up other banks at discount prices. Bank of America bit off more than it could chew for way too much money when it bought Merrill Lynch, and now the question is simply whether or not the common stock will make it.

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