A Chill that's Not in the Banking System

What turns blue even though it's in the red?

The answer today: a banker at Davos.

The sleeves-rolled-up get-to-work attitude has continued in the morning, with lots of shop talk. There are still those who are hopeful that the stimulus package from the US can jumpstart things and they draw the scorn of the perma-bears who say they have yet to see any response that has pushed banks to lend.

The only water-cooler topic that generated much, let's say, heat, was the cold. Temperatures have dropped noticeably and won't get above freezing today.

CNBC.com guest blogger and Alcatel-Lucent CEO Ben Verwaayen was shivering waiting to film his video blog. (He also narrowly missed tumbling down a snowdrift, but fancy footwork saved the day.)

Delegates who thought they could get away with suits in the dash between the Congress Center and the TV positions on Wednesday didn't risk it on Thursday. They were well prepared. The problem is that they all decided on basically the same black overcoat.

Those that didn't keep a sharp eye on their overcoat when it went through x-ray at security had to chase down unwitting coat snatchers and trade in the snow.