George Soros AND Jack Ryan, New Hot Reads

by Robert Slater

UGH – I’m so behind in opening up my mail, I must have 60 new books I still need to look at, but I did open one package today from McGrawHill . Inside, Robert Slater’s newest book, “SOROS: The World’s Most Influential Investor.”

Slater’s name is probably very familiar to you since he’s written more than 30 books including “Jack Welch and the GE Way”,“The Wal-Mart Decade” and “Saving Big Blue.”

This new book on Soros is actually an updated and revised version of Slater’s 1996 book on the billionaire/philanthropist.

You may not always agree with his politics (there are a couple of chapters devoted to Soros’s “political awakening”) but Soros is a man you cannot afford to ignore.

Remember he was saying back in 2006 that stock markets were at their peak, and that the world should brace for a recession and a possible "hard landing."

And even though he knew back then it was going to be bad, even he admits he didn’t know how just bad it was going to get after what he’s called "life-changing event" of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy.

In Davos he told CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, "The storm that started in the financial system has now spread, in a very big way, to the real economy," he said. "It has fallen off the cliff following the Lehman thing."

Jack Ryan Goes E

Well actually it’s Tom Clancy is going e as in E-books.

Next week, Penguin will begin releasing Clancy’s books in e-format. Kindle is planning on having a “Clancy Kindle Store” and Sony’s ebook store is planning “major promotions”

The first book to be released on February 3rd will be The Hunt For Red October.

Prices for the Clancy titles will range from $4.99 to $18.

As Captain Ramius would say “More tea anyone?”

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