Place Your Nobel Prize in the Tray for X-Ray

The blog is called "Heard in Davos," but it's not just what's heard, it's what's seen.

The Hotel Steigenberger 'Bellvedere' in Davos, Switzerland,
World Economic Forum
The Hotel Steigenberger 'Bellvedere' in Davos, Switzerland,

This tale comes from CNBC's Geoff Cutmore, who was returning from an event at the Belvedere Hotel (it's THE hotel for Davos events, requiring a WEF pass to even enter) on Wednesday night.

Getting back into the official Forum area requires a security check and for some reason the only one of the three positions were operating. As the line snaked outside in the cold, the crowd witnessed Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz—late for an interview—trying, essentially, to cut.

The crowd was pretty amenable, Cutmore says, but security wasn't as accommodating, telling him to back up. (Maybe his Noble medal would set off the machine).

By the time they reached security the crowd expressed there displeasure at the situation. The only way to avoid those lines is to have a car with a pass on it or an official shuttle. That's one point against a green Davos, given that instead of walking, if you want to bypass security you need a car that will idle while you're inside.

Why Just Going to Davos is Green

Dubai International Capital CEO Samir Al-Ansari said, given all the people he can see, what he does at WEF would take him six months of traveling during another time of year.

But he loses the air miles.

Career Advice

Howard Dean jawed with Harvard's Michael Porter about where Dean will end up after he resigned as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Dean hasn't settled on anything yet, but his two main interests at the moment are health care and education.