Super Sunday Coming Out Party For Hyundai


In truth, few Super Bowl car ads ever really stick with viewers.

Think about it? How many can you remember? Aside from Cadillac's "break through" ads featuring Led Zeppelin, few have staying power.

Be honest, can you remember Toyota's new Tundra ads from a few years ago? That's not a knock on Toyota or any of the auto makers who routinely shell out big bucks to advertise on Super Sunday.

So why are Hyundai executives so geeked out about the ads they will be running Sunday? Sure, some of it is the excitement that goes with strutting your stuff before the largest TV audience of the year, but there's something more.

The Business of the Super Bowl
The Business of the Super Bowl

Hyundai believes it will capture more than a passing interest from millions of people. That's because Hyundai will be pushing the company's latest promotion aimed at those who are worried about their jobs. Hyundai's assurance guarantee basically says that if you buy and finance a new Hyundai and then lose your job in the first year, you can, if you choose, return the car. No questions asked.

The program is generating buzz with potential buyers who like the idea that they won't get stuck with a car payment if they’re in financial straits. Yes, I know some people will say that even without this promotion, there's nothing stopping new vehicle buyers from dumping or selling their cars if they lose their jobs. True, but Hyundai's program is the first to articulate the idea is simple, easy to understand terms.

More to the point it addresses the biggest concern keeping people from buying a new car. Potential buyers are spooked right now, and I can't blame them. When you see companies cutting 10,000 jobs at a time, it makes you wonder about your own job security.

Hyundai knows millions who are worried about their jobs will be watching Sunday. They'll be watching when Hyundai shows that it has a plan to address their fears. That could make the Hyundai ads one of the few Super Bowl car spots that stick with viewers.

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