BlackBerrys of the Rich and Famous

I know the secret to success.

It begins with an empty inbox for your email.

JPMorgan's CEO Jamie Dimon joined me on set today to talk about his views on the "bad bank" idea, whether banks are really loaning, and why he decided to go to Davos when peers like Lloyd Blankenfein, John Mack and Bob Diamond backed out. (If you want to know the answers, check out the video.)

I managed to sneak a peak at his BlackBerry . All I saw was that he had six unread emails in his inbox. Six!

This is a guy responsible for one of the biggest banks on the planet. He is on the run at the World Economic Forum, doing interviews with the press, meeting with clients and keeping track of billions of dollars.

And he has managed to clear out all but six emails.

It reminds me of my boss at NBC Universal , Jeff Zucker, who seems to respond to every email from anyone almost instantaneously. He has thousands of people working for him, tons of contacts in the industry, not to mention a family, all of whom can email him.

Then there's Warren Buffett, who doesn't even *have* an email account. Which must count as an empty inbox too.

And then there's me. And right now I have 312 unread emails in my inbox. And instead of reading them I am writing this blog.

Explains a lot.